Friday, January 15, 2010

The Purpose~

And why? My family and friends might ask - would you take on another undertaking / project to do!  I guess the answer to that is logical in my mind; for the love we have for our pets.
I'm an animal lover at heart and have spent my entire life around them in one form or another.  Having an interest in them (pets, nature or wildlife) has always come natural to me.  Whether it was helping my Uncle Russ with his farm animals or my dad with his chickens when I was young - raising dogs of our own; much of my time has been with animals and learning what I can about.
I'm hoping this will be a fun endeavor for me and my (hopefully) family and friends to share their stories.  I also hope this is a place you will find helpful information for your own pets.
I'm not quite sure where I will fit my posting in but, I'm looking at this as something I will enjoy as much as my other blogs.  I'm thinking all the time -I just need to be able to sit and get it all down! That's the answer "sit.":)

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