Friday, February 26, 2010

Article Of Interest "Punish The Deeds, Not The Breed"

FYI - Here is an excellent article from the UKC's web-page Punish The Deeds, Not The Breeds  - many dogs get a bad wrap but mostly those considered the "Pit Bull" type.  I remember when we purchased our Bullmastiff (Rosie) she was a wonderful dog of a beautiful dark brindle color, one day I took her to the store with me - a pup at the time - someone asked me if she was one of those dogs that attack children!  I was in shock, but the truth of the matter is the ignorance of people.  Choosing to believe that all the problems are from a breed and not the owner.  There has been countless reports of dog attacks from all types of dogs and it's not fair to single out one breed.  I understand the concerns of those who choose not to look beyond the box, and learn about the breed; for instance the abuse the dog has to go under just to become that dog that people want to ban.  I just recently spoke to a lovely lady who said she was one of those people but, who recently changed her way of thinking.  She become friend with someone who rescued an American Staffordshire Terrier (commonly called a Pit) from a very  sad and appalling situation.  She shared with me that this dog was being seen regularly by a veterinarian being treating from a failing immune system.  The dog was abused to fight but the immune system was compromise from being given a mix of gun power and methamphetamine to make him do what they wanted he to do.  Who should they go after?
Most  recently our son and daughter n law will be transferred to a new duty station in CA.  They have a Bullmastiff as well as, two pugs.  Of course it's hard to find apartments sometimes that will except pets however, one place in particular will take pets in fact they will even allow larger breeds.  They will not allow Sage because she is of bully type!  IGNORANCE is not bliss in this situation or any that keeps that allows people to loose their loving pets.  I've read reports where dogs were taken from their home and destroyed and they were in good homes.  As the article shares "Punish the deeds and not the breeds."  I hope you take time to read the article.  I also hope you take the time to read others we post and please feel free to leave your comments or any questions you may have.  :)

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  1. One comment I'd like to add to my post is that many times dogs are placed in the wrong homes. I've always loved the approach that the JRTCA "Jack Russell" site has, the question many have who would like the Jack Russell breed is - "Is a Jack right for me?" when it should be "Are you right for a Jack?" It truly is about the owner and matching them with the right breed. Also I'd like to add is that sometimes people have unruly children this is a home I personally have problems with placing pets. I've witnessed on numerous occasions children teasing animals and not being supervised when caring for them and in turn harming them. Frankly, if you can't train or control your children to love and care for their pets they should - you shouldn't have pets. It's a cold reality. My brother and I grew up knowing how to care for pets and animals of all kinds. We even raised a batch of orphaned crows. Sadly things change, but we taught our children to do the same.