Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Not Pets - Javelina's

When you're living out (rurally) you maybe just like me always looking - seeing what you can see.  Well in all honesty I notice things whether I'm looking for them or not.  I always say "be aware of your surroundings!"  LOL 

I didn't have to look to hard to see the Javelina's out the kitchen window.  So thankful we have a fence to keep our dogs in and them out.  As cool as it is to watch them they're not to be messed with and as with all wild things in nature leave them be unless there's no other choice.  Javelina's have been known to be dangerous, we new of a neighbors dog (small breed) ending up with and I believe 80 stitches and the neighbor trying to help the dog ending up with broken ribs.  Shadow did make it and lived to a very old age.
Javelina's can be chased off with loud noises discouraging them from hanging around.  And, do not encourage them to come around by feeding them.  All animals look for food and water. 

Not the best shot of Gordy but he scared them off.
On a lighter side.

When Gordy isn't out ripping around or on watch - he enjoys watching a favorite show. 

But who doesn't live Little House On The Prairie and the wisdom of Mr. Ingalls? 

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