Friday, March 25, 2011

There's More To Poultry - Than Egg's & Meat!

When I was younger, living in a small town in Pennsylvania, we had chickens.  I always thought they were beautiful!  The colors of the feathers were truly something to see and it holds true today I still think they're beautiful.
Some people take the business of chickens very serious, meaning, there's more to raising poultry than just for eggs or meat ~ LOL ~ many are pets.  Last month we had taken some time to check out and enjoy the Poultry Show here at the County Fair grounds.  It was interesting and fun seeing so many different types of poultry.  Here's a small sample of what we saw.

Types of chickens~
All About Eggs~ 

Okay when you realize how awesome God is creating such wonderful diversity - when you thought you might have seen it all in the poultry world -- I've only heard of this and it got my curiosity.  Chickens that lay a chocolate "dark brown egg"

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