Friday, May 20, 2011

At Home~

We've had a couple batches of peeps hatch this spring and they are already out and about independent of momma hen.  I thought I'd better get a picture of the recent peeps before they get to big.

"Girl" Not caring to much for her picture taken.

I noticed something that I didn't want to overlook any longer - the best farm dog ever, "Girl."  Girl is my Dad's dog given to him from an old friend, and several years ago.  We figure she is at least 12 years old and may actually be year or two older (I'm thinking older).  She's slowing down some but very young at heart and possibly the sweetest dog I know.  There isn't a need for a cat - she's a great mouser.  She will chase off hawks, keep snakes cornered, alert you when someone or thing is around most of all she just a happy dog and loves you around.  It would be hard to fine one as good.

Gordy on the other hand is very much the pup always curious and on the move.  He's very much my buddy follows me everywhere; inside or out.

He's always ready to play and is very spoiled!  Even though he's spoiled he's very smart, quick to learn, listens well, eager to please - he's loyal and loving.

Sophie is my sweetheart though and has been a loving mom figure to Gordy.  They love each other and spend most of their time together.

Best buds - Sophie and Gordy

A couple of months ago we did get to visit two of the pups in Tucson.  I took them a treat they used to get when they were living here.  A wonderful yummy raw beef bone.  



The pups love their homes and the owners are very pleased with them and have all good things to say.  I have to say though with chagrin that Maggie ended up impregnated by another dog they owned a red nose.  I wasn't happy to hear that in fact I was upset.  The owner wasn't to happy either but the male got into the run.

Indy - looking all Innocent!

Maggie had 10 pups (is that a surprise) 2 didn't make it - altogether 4 red and 4 blue - I was told they are doing fine.
With heart felt sadness I was informed that Bella at her new home got out of the fenced area and was hit by a car and she didn't make it.  Bella, Maggie, Lilly, Jack and Gordo spent the longest time together they were all 6-7 months old before they left to there new homes.
One night a few months back Gordy woke up from sleeping crying and howling very mournful.  He didn't want out he was weeping.  I almost immediately thought  something must have happened perhaps to one of the siblings or to mom Molly.  Aaron told me that Lilly did the same and she was in California.   I beleive it was the loss of Bella.
Bella Rosa
Maggie and Bell
Lilly and Bella
Bella was so loving but she was one that we were concerned about the most - she was an excape artist.  She will be missed :(

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