Monday, May 28, 2012

A Feathered Friend ~

Fredrika aka "Fred"

It's hard to say goodbye to a pet whether they have fur or feathers.  Fred has been a part of this family  for  23 years this past Mother's Day.  Jim's Mom had an Aviary and hatched out Fred and Snuggle's (sister).  They had to be hand fed and that's just what we did bringing them home (at that time Safford).  Snuggle's was always on the weak side, not sure why since all her Cockatiels were very healthy.  Jim and the boys would say that Fred is so feisty and tough she had to have done her! 

Fred would walk on your shoulders, fly around the room to exercise her wings and come back to you.  When the boys were little I'd take her and Snuggle's to school.  They would also get Mat up for school by flying on to Rosie (Bullmastiff) crawl across her back climb onto the bed up to Mat and start grooming his hair like they did their feathers.   Fred was a traveler - hatched in Glendale and moved to her first home in Safford - off to NM then to OH and back to Safford.   You could say she's come full circle and I'm sad, very sad to say goodbye.  

Hatched Mother's Day 1989
Past Memorial's Day 2012

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