Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We awoke to hives!

I should call this post "Adventures With Lilly!"  The poor sweetheart and that's what she is.  I/we don't know what caused this reaction or what she possibly allergic to.  But, we'll certainly keep watch.  You know - if you have animals, or kids for that matter, there's never a dull moment.  :D   I gave her a couple Benadryl and it is working - thank the Lord.  It does make her sleepy though which is okay so we can keep her resting and out of the heat.  The photo doesn't show the hives - they are shrinking and she also doesn't like to be bothered to much so few pics.   While surfing the web for info on hives I came across some valuable information for you out there with dogs.  One thing we know is that Benadryl seems to work what we didn't know is they have a toxic reaction to Sudafed.   I have never even thought of Sudafed for a dog and I'm not sure what it would do for hives anyway.  Please check that article out here.  It's a site with questions from pet owners and answers from vets.  Another link with good info is here scroll to hives.   I also need to mention that I came across a nice blog called The Happy Pit Bull Blog check it out there's a great dog called Dozer there!  He also had hives - an older post - Lilly wasn't that bad.  I happy for that~  BTW - you can click on newer posts on Dozer to see hive updates, he's a sweet pup too!

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