Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy July!

Gordy & Lilly
It's been a couple months since I've visited this page and have missed posting having so many things to share with you.  Hopefully one day I'll get them in here.  Most recent - of news, is that our Lilly "Pad" as I call her is here for an extended visit.  She and brother Gordy are getting along wonderfully. 
Lilly also enjoys playing with Sophie and plays very gentle with her.  I suspect she knows Sophie's (Bullmastiff) joints aren't doing well.  We found out a year ago that she didn't have any cartilage just bone on bone in her hip joints (a good article on Hip Dysplasia *) so she has a hard time of it.

*Keep in mind that I do share links but don't necessarily agree with all.   Example would be the use of NSAIDs for dogs without researching more; I was under the impression that dogs can not use some since it's potentially harmful to them.  However, I'm not a vet and would need to seek advice on that subject.

Typically we've gone with what the breeder recommended for Sophie (Natural Rearing) and find after research it to be the best advice.  I personally don't like treating with conventional methods unless no other choices.   When all the pups where born we could not afford the more holistic approach and as for food bought what we felt would be a close second to a raw diet.  I located the food through Shirley's Wellness Cafe.  Also placing Sophie and Miki on the same they had done okay but Sophie had put on weight.   Since then we've gone back to at least giving her a mostly raw diet, as well as, Gordy and Lilly while she's here.  Our boys told us the pugs (grand pups) and Lilly started eating Earthborn "grain free" Primitive Natural; the grain-free makes me happier!  Primitive Natural is sold in small bags of 28lbs verses the 40lb bags of the other - I believe it is better if you can afford it and don't want to feed raw.  Sophie and Miki when she was with us definitely did better on the raw diet and that's our preferred choice.

For treatment of Sophie's joints I give her a good dose of Glucosamine and Chondrontin, the brand I use is Nature's Plus, that seems to be helping.  Most recently I found a product on line and was impressed with all the testimonials from other users.  It's called, Arthro-IonX through Vetionx Natural Pet Health Products.  So along with getting back to her or as close to "old diet" we're giving this a go; using the recommended amount in food or water. 

On a lighter side of things, I found this listed on the Framers Almanac web-cam listing.  The Hen Cam is so cool you'll love checking this one out!  If you have small children they will love seeing what the chickens are up to - and the goats on the goat web-cam.

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