Wednesday, September 14, 2011

August has come and gone - it's sure been a busy summer!  August had also been the hottest recorded here - so it's been said.  The animals hid most of the time where ever they could stay cool so did I accept for when I was trying to work in the garden.  After awhile I just let it go only to go out and harvest a bit -it turned into a jungle!  Slowly I've been weeding and cutting back everything that's grown together.  :)

I haven't any new pics to share but I would like to share a link I've enjoyed.  I don't believe I've shared this before and if I have you can't have enough of a fun link!  The Hen Cam  is a wonderful place to visit put together by Terry Golson author of cookbooks and children's books.   Check it out you while you're taking a break or cooling off - you along with your children and grandchildren if you have them will enjoy watching. 

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