Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We awoke to hives, day 2!

Poor Lilly Girl ~  After giving her Benadryl yesterday the hives literally subsided.   She wasn't necessarily itchy except for her nose (top back).  I gave her Benadryl before we all turned in for the night - still she seemed to be doing well.

Morning - bumps back and nose swollen.  .  . (taken by cell I apologize for the poor quality)

Either Lilly needs to be still or me ~ lol

Her nose is still swollen maybe a tad more and she resting for the most part.  However, she is one clever pup (of 2), she knows when you're trying to give her something to help - even in ground meat she will eat around it or turn it down!  Apparently it doesn't matter what the "ailment," she's the same.  .  . Keep us in your prayers,   :)   Oh - the bumps they disappeared not long after I gave her the Benadryl.

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