Thursday, June 14, 2012

We awoke to hives, no day 3!

Well how did you sleep?  Me not bad with a not so good thrown in.   Gordy and Sophie slept fine - so did Lilly, we're happy to say.  I just kept praying that everything would be well when we got up - actually I think it was more of a plead boarder line whine!  Forgive me Lord but as it was closer to getting up it was rough going - for me (lol). 
All kinds of thoughts - what is causing it, did she get bite, what did she get into, can't afford a trip to the vet / they have to knock her out, but she's not itching, she's not sick and on and on my mind went! And, if your thinking - Colgon, (if your old) it doesn't work never has - it never took me anywhere! Do they even sell it anymore ~  lol
So - time to get up - no hives, swelling around nose better also her nose on top seemed to ooze a liquid, that seems to have dried up - Thank you Jesus! I said,  and let everyone out to do their business.  Then noticed, a few small bumps on Lilly's hind quarters - though, not bad and she seems to have definitely improve - I'm still very thankful. 
So I was checking my email this morning and noticed my news letter from The Whole Dog , thinking to myself dummy; I should have checked the site about hives! I pulled up and article on using oregano oil.  In fact the article listed a book I have The Cure Is In The Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram.  I couldn't believe it and I purchased the book years ago after listening to an interview with him on the radio driving to PA.  I even used Oil of Oregano myself and never replaced it; that's what I hope to be doing today and so happy I found the article - there's no reason for me to think Oil of Oregano wouldn't work for Lilly or Sophie.  Sophie has problems with allergies and yeast from time to time.  Pets are difficult to help sometimes - they can't tell you in words whats wrong, you just study them carefully and learn to read then.  It's a job and truly an adventure with all of them!  Hope to get a picture today with my camera!  :)

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